Alchemist Natural Organic Fertilizer


The power of agriculture is unbeatable. In the world where everything is artificial we believe in catering the most natural and purely organic product. This is useful in gaining fertility for land/soil whilst irrigation. The result of grown crop/fruit/vegetable is increased better in quality and quantity.


During harvesting generally we use the pesticides either in liquid or solid form so that small worms / snails and other flies do not harm the crop or cultivation. However, The limitation of using such fertilizer is very dangerous for the crops and mainly for Land/soil. Such pesticides decrease the life of agriculture land. It is short term benefit but long term loss. To come over this usually we often change the soil on the land and use of pesticide also increases, which on the other hand loses the potential of land. Here comes,” The Alchemist Natural Organic Fertilizer” to save life of land, soil, kelp and of course crop.


We have mostly cleared the establishment experiments. This has shown greater results with Fruit, Vegetable, Plant, Trees. It can be used in individual House, Gardens, and Farms.


Well, here is the good news “The wait is over”. The “Alchemy International Family” with all hardwork and years of experiments brings to you the best natural biological product made by natural resources . We call it fertilizer because of the definition but it is the product which will change the way you grow crop. PING us for more details at


- Natural Extract

- Improves Yield

- Improves Quality of Fruits Vegetables and Other Plants

- Decrease insect pressure

- Quantity increase slowly


After 15 days of planting. Add 50 ml of Alchemist Natural Organic Fertilizer to 1 Liter Water. Spray/Gentle Spray it every 15 days on Fruits, Vegetables or Other Plants. Spray for 4 times until ripening or harvesting.


Fruits Plants: Mango, Litchi, Guava, Grapes, Strawberry, Orange, Banana.

Vegetable Plants: Tomato, Green -Red Chilly, Spinach, Coriander, Lemon, etc.

Root Vegetable: Potato, Beat, Garlic, Carrot, Mint.