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We spread smiles because prosperity comes before wealth.

Alchemy International

Just like an Alchemist transforms something ordinary into something valuable, Alchemy International brings to you a plethora of Interactive, Educational, Welfare, utilization and constructive, semi perishable goods to the export table of universe. The company is formed based on a rich experience of National & International Retail market and is based at the culture rich city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Alchemy international is a professionally sound company with a major focus on travelling around the world and engaging to grow in business. To join the dots across boarders we specialize in exports from India. We are sure that our hard work will catch the eye of many ultimate businesses to connect with us. Our moto behind this enjoyment and enlightenment of work is because we are dedicated Team of professionals. We also coordinate our business with skilled talent face of business professionals who are proficient in dealing with the business of export in category such as building construction, food and beverages, electronics and so forth and so on.

We are open to learn and research on new products in the market. We thrive to the presence of commodities which can do wonderful business across borders. Providing the quality service and offering highest standards are our root fundamental policy client. We promise no bias in working decorum with one time or regular clients. We exceed expectation with time management and suppling information across.

Who We Are


Our vision is to increase the pocket with number of clients. In the process of earning wealth and esteem for “The Alchemy Family”.


To increase potential with every order / client we serve. We at Alchemy International insist on never forgetting the roots and keep doing hard work to attain the productivity, efficiency.


We believe that knowledge is the greater power. There is no short cut to success. Keeping this in mind apart from our company motto and building wealth we have successfully attain our offerings in kid’s category. (more details over the website links).

We repect course of business not the end result or profits.


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